My ride with Todd today turned into a photoshoot for new stuff at Above Category: Q36.5 apparel, Focus Bikes, and the transition into cyclocross season. Sometimes your pocket camera is all you need. 


I have been good at the practice of letting film sit for a while, almost to the point of forgetting what I had even shot, before getting it processed. Getting this last roll back made me pretty happy. 

Somehow trying to see if my entryway could be suitable for a headshot studio turned into this.

Sometimes you have to be your own stand in for lighting tests. 

Just put up a post for AC, full of new photos and words on a killer set of Pegoretti frames. Check it out!

Some new work went out on the newsletter from AC last week. You can check out more on the accompanying blog post here

Congratulations to Kate and Chris! An amazing wedding for an amazing duo. 

Spent a couple days in the studio this week shooting bikes for AC. This one was particularly awesome.